Research Projects by Subject

Note: Each research project will involve background reading for the interns provided by their mentors. Each research project will involve a final presentation by the interns.

Interns are expected to work collaboratively on the same project and/or data set. This may preclude rising seniors from submitting papers based on such projects to the Regeneron Science Talent Search competition.

Electrical Engineering

Code Research Project Descriptions
ELE-01 Title: Photoluminescence of One-Dimensional Materials
Primary mentor: Ravipa Losakul
Faculty advisor: Prof. Nobby Kobayashi
Other mentors: David Fryauf
Location: 2300 Delaware Avenue
Number of interns: 2

Project description: The mentor's research group, Nanostructured Energy Conversion Technology and Research (NECTAR) is developing novel and innovative thin films and nanostructured materials for several areas of competitive technology, including thermoelectrics, transparent conducting films, anti-reflective coatings, and chemical corrosion barriers.  Design, fabrication, and characterization of such materials require many types of scientific tools, and precise measurements of electrical properties give us insights to the quality and potential applications of sample materials. The SIP interns are expected to have some basic understanding of photoluminescence. This project primarily includes photoluminescence measurements and may expand to include reflectance-ellipsometry measurements; where students will have a hands-on experience documenting and analyzing data. 

Tasks: The role of the SIP interns will be to: (1) gain an understanding of the physics behind photoluminescence, (2) set up their own research plan and measurement system, (3) perform the measurements, and (4) analyze results. The interns will be required to write up a comprehensive research report summarizing their work in conjunction with creating their final presentation and have the option to work remotely when preforming data analysis.

Required skills for interns prior to acceptance: None
Skills intern(s) will acquire/hone: Lab work; statistical data analysis
Program Week Number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Mentor's availability: REM ON ON ON ON ON ON ON ON ON

Special age requirement: The applicant must be 16 years old by June 11, 2018.